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"Стройтехника" LLC.

If you need a modern, reliable, high quality and durable crane, pay attention to the manufacturer - LLC Construction. "

The company is one of the leading and oldest manufacturer of lifting equipment on the territory of the Russian Federation.

LLC "Construction" offers a wide range of different modern high-quality lifting equipment: cranes, gantry cranes, loaders, cranes of all types, samomontiruemye cranes and components for cranes.

The use of innovative methods of designing, engineering analysis, the area of ​​industrial buildings can produce 10-15 overhead cranes in a month across the range of groups operating mode of the A2-A8. Cranes are available as general-purpose capacity from 5 to 200 tons spans up to 43 meters, and special: grab, magnet grab, magnet, with flexible suspension traverse. The serial production of gantry cranes from 5 to 50 m.

The company develops technical documentation for the manufacture of cranes for individual customer requirements, using modern CAD systems (KOMPAS 3D), electronic document management systems (LOTSMAN PLM) and settlement systems (ANSYS Structural). Projects are executed as a modern European layout, as well as in the classical VNIITMASH. Unlike most of the designs used in the construction crane used terminal beam (development company) has estimated the additional ribs and diaphragm, which significantly increase the stiffness and provide service without repairs the entire regulatory life of the crane. Depending on the conditions used in the projects management system, the last years of operating experience: frequency speed regulation, thyristor-throttle and relay switching. Use the component parts (gear, motors, electrical equipment) and materials suppliers, with many years of manufacturing experience, providing quality and service: Schneider Electric, Danfoss, ABB, Siemens, FAM, FM Gru, Fuji, etc.

We are ready to organize control and audit at any stage of manufacturing process and any of your experts.